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Peter Valdez

1146 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Peter Valdez 1146 days ago
Peter V
  • Practical Mesh Workshop
Install cjdns
Install meshchat
  • # Install gyp
  • cd gyp
  • sudo ./setup.py install
  • # Install meshchat
1153 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jonathan Dahan , Peter Valdez , Brian Spencer Hall , David 1153 days ago
Utopia School @ Flux Factory
Jonathan D NOTE: Gear for Practical Mesh Workshop
Connecting to Hyperboria would be cool
Wall-like / firechat-like instant chat
ask a stranger a question
ask everyone a question
look at tilde.club
mesh chat over cjdns
email everyone with what setup we are doing...
Mesh Summit Notes
Journalists, seem to be very interested in mesh networks for encryption
EMTs, want to be able to help people communicate with each other when traditional communications infrastructure goes down
Hobbyists, want to try new types of internets
How did FEMA & the Red Hook Initiative interact during Sandy?
Does projectmeshnet have a chat channel?
Who provided the microwave internet to HOPE X?
How do we accelerate the growth of the network?
  • Communicate more with Red Hook?
  • Start a network for research on Parsons
  • Apply for grants?
  • Cafe to Cafe networks? See slash r00t cafe, new paltz
  • Outreach - what are the benefits
  • Applications & services that naturally lend themselves to the network
  • network communication when the previous internet goes down
  • Competition, through hype 'oh X has a 3d printer, we need a 3d printer. Y has a meshnet, we need a meshnet'
Get backups of our ABC Charlie mesh network
Brian H Reasons for meshnets:
  • Emergency community networking (for next hurricane)
  • Freedom from the evil telecom oligopoly of Time Warner, Verizon, Comcast
  • Net neutrality
  • Encryption to stop spying and censorship
  • Free wifis!!!
  • Decentralized, like bitcoin.... 
  • Community    
Jonathan D Challenges
Non-trivial to setup, lots of debugging, technical knowledge to setup - this is a problem of interface design and reliability
As we are building the system, no one should have to know the (possibly confusing) terms
Encryption is slow on most small computers like the Raspberry Pi, less of a problem on the BeagleBone
FCC power limitations
No great  omnidirectional antennae options
In a city, buildings interfere a lot
Raspberry Pi + Ubiquiti Nanostation - MeshBerry software 
WRTnode ($25) + solar panel + lipo rider pro
BeagleBoneBlack + Ubiquiti
Why are we interested in Meshes?
Why do we need a third computer to mediate between 2 that would like to communicate if they can see each other?
What is practical to do on a mesh network, that is not practical (financially or infrastructure wise) on the traditional internet?
Surprise mesh network, like LED throwies!
What do communities make (art, business, etc) when they are on networks that make them feel more closely connected?
How can people communicate through X degrees of separation? How would that feel?
See the reasons list above
What are people working on now?
@Parsons / The New School, running nodes between buildings ~ ???
NYC Resistor has two cjdns on ubiquiti nodes, looking for where to place the second ~ David 
In any coffee shop, to be able to broadcast a message to everyone using a computer (similar to wall, maybe using shellshock) ~ Jonathan Dahan 
Briefcase emergency cell network
Some Ultimate Goals
You turn your radio/network on, and any radio within earshot is able to communicate to each other
If the internet goes down for an area, be able to broadcast messages, or bridge to some network that does have internet access (backup, redundant network)
What would a sample setup look like?
1. At The New School
  Nanostations on the roof, consumer routers throughout the buildings, meshed.
  Setup services, like forum software, or the parsons intranet, see occupy.here, librarybox
  A working model for people to do meshing research
2. East Village community mesh
  What would people do here?
 3. South brooklyn ????
What interesting software seem good to run on a local mesh
  Bittorrent Sync (distributed file sync/sharing)
  Bittorrent Bleep (encrypted chat app), like firechat
  Any forum software
Peter V Useful links

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