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Surya Mattu

1239 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Surya Mattu , David , Sean McIntyre 1239 days ago
  • Install CJDNS on laptop
Surya M
  • FIX for Mac OSX memory  limit error: Comment out line 104 in Configurator.c
The keypair is small, tweetable!
  • Questions
On the mesh map, it asks for an 8 or 16 digit PGP number. That seems way too small...huh?
David David is getting this and mounting it on a window A/C bracket: PicoStation M2HP
to connect to EFNet, channel #nycmeshnet
1239 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jonathan Dahan , Surya Mattu 1239 days ago
Jonathan D How CJDNS works
By default, `cjdroute --genconf` generates a password and public key that you can share with a friend or friends, to authorize them to connect to you. Whenever a message tried to be routed to your instance of cjdns, your friend(s) will encrypt that password with that public key. So your instance of cjdns can verify that someone else has the correct password, and that the password was meant only for you, and only you can decrypt that password.
One time per outbound connection
Surya M Alice sends password and public key to Bob
Bob saves password and public key in their conf file
Jonathan D Bob finds Carol's public key (perhaps on twitter or keybase.io or facebook)
Sending a message
Bob wants to send a message to Carol
So Bob encrypts the data with Carol's public key
Now when cjdns routes a packet to Carol, it may go through Alice
Alice's password will be encrypted with her public key, and her cjdns instance will allow that message to be routed through, but she will not be able to decrypt the data.
Alice will decide if she should route Bob's packet, but decrypting the password with her private key and seeing if they match.
Surya M When the packet gets to Carol she can also decrypt the packet as she has Bobs public ket

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