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Brian Spencer Hall

1138 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Brian Spencer Hall 1138 days ago
Brian H 30th meeting notes
with Peter, Brian, Daniel, Rob, David
Web site updates-
  • Nodeshot map update is coming soon.
  • Our first potential node in New Jersey, thanks Rob!
  • Does anyone want to write a blog post for the web site?
  • We are going to add an “about” page with members who would like to be linked. Perhaps NIcholas can help with the layout.
  • We might be adding a mail server so outgoing mail can use nycmesh.net addresses.
We are changing the Twitter account to a shared password, so whoever volunteers can post.
There’s a meeting 2pm this Friday at Red Hook Initiative. Please let us know if you have questions we could ask them, or if you want to come out there too.
We are going to do a comparison of other OpenWRT distros such as qMp and Commotion. We looked at the qMp screenshots. qMp has a very impressive node map built into the LuCI interface.
Peter looked at Jaclyn and Oliver’s location and thinks there are buildings in the way. He will be testing out an Allen St. rooftop this week. Perhaps Allen St can connect to Brian’s node on 3rd St.
We discussed starting small neighborhood meshes. There is already an active node at the d.b.a. bar on 1st Ave that could be expanded to neighboring stores. Peter suggested setting up temporary mesh networks for street fairs and markets such at the Orchard St. market. This would not be hard to do.
No decision was made on a new meeting venue, so next week is back at the café. Jonathan proposed having the meetings at orbital- orbitalnyc.com. We just have to check it out.
Random talk-
Digitalocean is great for hosting.  $5/month gets you 512MB RAM, 20GB SSD and 1TB Transfer.
A few of us signed up to https://keybase.io. Ask for an invite if you want an account.
1151 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Brian Spencer Hall 1151 days ago
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Brian H
  • Simple to set up small networks with pre-configured devices

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